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Social Energy


About Us

Social Energy are a division of the public sector telecommunications specialist, Social Telecoms. The group are an established and trusted public sector specialist managing the service provision for national and regional housing associations, social enterprises and charitable organisations.

At Social Energy we work across multiple sectors, ensuring value for money and exemplary levels of support and service.

Some of the sectors we work with include:

Social Housing, Care Homes, Schools, Charities, Councils, Estate Agents, Social Enterprise, Property Management, Retail and Manufacturing


Our expert service makes it easy for you to get a better deal for your business gas. All it takes is a call or an email from you and we can start showing you these savings.


With all businesses using electricity, it is imperative we find you the best tariffs. Our UK-based team takes care of switching saving you time, stress and money.


Half hourly metering

Businesses with half hourly meters consume significant levels of electricity and the suppliers charge slightly cheaper rates. We can secure these cheaper rates.

What we do

We are changing the way that businesses procure their energy.

We help our customers get the best value from their energy contracts, reducing their energy consumption, minimising their carbon footprint and ensuring that their bills are right.

Businesses of all sizes from across the UK rely on us to support their needs.

We remove the stress out of dealing with your energy contracts by contacting both your existing and new supplier and managing the process throughout, from start to finish.


  • Buying at the right time by constantly monitoring the market
  • Knowing your business & lowering your usage
  • Installing Smart Meters will help cut your energy bills
  • You can sign in to today’s tariffs, even if you are still in contract

Why Social Energy

Every business looks to improve the energy efficiency of their estate, be it at one or multiple locations.

Similarly, every business looks to take control of its utilities resource and manage its spend according to budget.

At Social Energy we believe in making the transition seamless and painless with our focus being firmly fixed on your business needs.

We provide 100% transparency and look to make you significant savings along the way.

By us managing the process and engaging with you throughout the contract term,  “out of contract” rates can be avoided and any over-priced bills that come with it. This is especially important when a contract can be fixed for as long as 5 years and end dates could easily be missed.

We constantly review all the major energy suppliers, looking out for the best ranked and the best value energy tariffs. It is no surprise that prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote. If you only check the price of one supplier, it’s rare that their prices will be the lowest.

All the suppliers we work with have been heavily vetted and those with poor service history, billing standards or those with unstable financial history don’t make it into our portfolio.

Who we work with

We have agreements in place with all major providers who have gone through our stringent vetting process.


Good Financials / Excellent Customer Support and Service / Positive Billing Standards
List of providers

What makes us different to the rest?

Bespoke Solutions

Solutions based on contract length, greener energy or supplier

Trustworthy Name

Part of the Social Telecoms group who have a reputation for success with their clients

Constant Point of Contact

If you move, we will manage all communications with your current supplier

Impartial Advice

We can provide quotations from a large number of suppliers

Indepth Analysis

Full analysis of your current bills to assist us with providing only relevant quotations

Bill Validation

Send us your new bill and we will make sure you’re being charged what was agreed

Innovative Software

Our state of the art software helps us quickly compare supplier prices

Public Sector Specialists

Over 20 years experience servicing the public sector

See what we can do for you

We relieve you of the stress around changing suppliers. How we do this is simple; we just need the following from you:

  • Recent gas and electricity bills from your current supplier
  • A signed letter of authority (LOA) on your company’s headed paper. We can send this to you as a PDF or word document for you to print and fill out before scanning and sending back to us.

Why do we need an LOA?

The letter of authority allows us to find out from the existing supplier’s information like the contract end date, or it is used to obtain the relevant meter data showing how and when you use your energy and gas. Furthermore, it allows us to request bespoke pricing from the suppliers on your behalf. Importantly, we won’t do anything with the LOA without your express permission!

Contact Us

For more information please get in touch:

Hartley Business Centre, Monkmoor Rd, Shrewsbury SY2 5ST

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